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La Luisiana Andalucia

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This town was a colony that was founded during the late 18th century by Charles III in an attempt to populate the uninhabited areas near to the Sierra Morena.


Quick information of La Luisiana, Sevilla:


4.300 residents




Antequera 99km Malaga 150km Granada 195km Sevilla 75km


150km to Malaga


Health clinic


Municipal pool


Beach 1h45


68km to Granada


Shops, Bars, Restaurants


Golf nearby


Bus and train service


75km to Sevilla


La Luisiana Location


Local Information

Alcala de Real Coat of Arms
Ayuntamiento de La Luisiana

Plaza Pablo Olavide, 12 41430 La Luisiana, Sevilla Telephone: 955-907-202

La Luisiana Ayuntamiento

La Luisiana information

A number of colonies were set up at this time and Charles' minister, Olavide, decided that rather than populating these new towns with Spaniards and risk depopulating other areas of Spain.

They would bring people in from other parts of Europe, mostly from

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Benameji currently known for its urban design, which comes from the mid sixteenth century, parallel and perpendicular streets, characteristic of both Renaissance urban populations as new creation. This monument stands the Main Plaza, a large square space that once was chaired by the palace of the Marquis of Benameji. Where after simple facade hid a grandiose Renaissance courtyard with arches or columns of jasper discount on colorado, several rooms with coffered ceilings and a staircase in which there was a coffered dome style Hernán Ruiz. The site of the palace is occupied by the Town Hall to retain shields in front of the palace.

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La Luisiana is built on a regular grid pattern as dictated by town planners of the time. The small and attractive town square is adjacent to the town hall and as is the neoclassical pink parish church. La Luisiana has a population of 4300.

It is situated 15km to the west of Écija, next to the NIV motorway, 75km east of Seville

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