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Jauja Andalucia

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Jauja derives its name from Arabic, which comes from "Xauxa" which means passage or gate, as its location was the point used by the Arabs to connect with the plains of Granada Ecija.

Quick information of jauja:

1.080 residents(2012)


Antequera 45km Malaga 88km Granada 131km Sevilla 133km

88km to Malaga

Health clinic

Municipal pool

Beach 1h15

131km to Granada

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133km to Sevilla

Jauja Location

Local Information

Jauja Coat of Arms
Ayuntamiento de Jauja

Ronda s/n 14911 Jauja (Córdoba) ,
957 51 90 51 Fax: 957 51 91 52


Town Hall, Jauja

Jauja information

Jauja is located to the Southwest of the province of Cordoba, in the municipality of Lucena at a distance of 25 Km The village is between 220 and 240 meters above sea level on the banks of the River Genil, with coordinates of 37 ° 18 '10'' north latitude and 4 ° 39' 22'' west longitude.

Its terrain is broken, placing the core in the foot of a mountain of mountains, and its quite hilly relief, because apart of being in the foothills of the Subbéticas. The nature of its soil has made riverbeds that have been embedded, forming numerous slopes on its banks and many streams. The soil of this land is made up of Quaternary sedimentary layers, strongly affected by erosion. These lands are divided into red and Blancares.

 Jauja village

As for hydrography, the area is housed between the beds of the rivers Genil and Anzur, with a drainage network formed by numerous streams, among which are those of San Miguel, Bermejo, White, "Colorao" Fuillerat and Monk. These are dry most of the year, but in the rainy fall with great flow, causing erosion of arable land, and sometimes floods.

Jauja still maintains its configuration as a people with elements of the architecture that place immediately in your environment and rural countryside. In regard to the architecture of the houses you can still find small houses with lime and tile as defining elements.

 Jauja village

The two main local festivals are held in honor of their patron: St. Dominic and the Virgin of the Rosary, the first on August 4 and the second on October 7, during which the image in procession of the Employer.

Today it has a population of approximately 1,000 inhabitants of most its main activity is agriculture and livestock. Notably, the main activity of olive cultivation and the three banks of orchards there on the banks of the Genil, which in recent years has had a boom in greenhouse cultivation.

Jauja street

The streets that make up this town are: Church Street, Mill Street and the street Lawsuit that form the backbone of the town and are parallel to each other and other cross like Ronda, waiters or lane bridge Neighborhood and Alley.

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 Jauja village
Jauja street
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