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Albolote Andalucia

Albolote is surrounded by magnificent landscapes. Sierra Elvira offer visitors many opportunities to experience the contact with nature in a deeply humanized area.

Quick information about Albalote:

18.083 (2013)residents


Antequera 99km Malaga 124km Granada 10km Sevilla 247km

124km to Malaga

Health clinic

Municipal pool

Beach 45min

10km to Granada

Shops, Bars, Restaurants

Golf nearby

Bus service

247km to Sevilla

Albolote Location


Local Information

Albolote Coat of Arms
Ayuntamiento de Albolote

Telephone: 958465115 Address: Plaza de España, 1 Albolote (Granada) Postal code:18220


About Albolote

A historical monument to visit is Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation within the village. The Mudejar style church dates from the sixteenth century and was designed by the architect Ambrosio de Vico. You have to admire the altar and the coffered ceilings by Pablo Rojas, Gibiria Barnabas and Martin de Aranda. Another monument of the town is The Watchtower .


It is at the eastern end of the Sierra Elvira stone mass of the silhouette of The Tower rises recently illuminated, highlighting the simplicity and beauty of it. Built in the thirteenth century as a watchtower of the Moorish era, their function was called surveillance corridor Cubillas, gateway to the North of Granada, as well as monitoring the Vega del Genil and was part of the defensive system and communications network during the Arab Muslim rule created throughout our country.

Albolote Albolote

From the original building only one tower remains circular plant is located on a hill near the town from which the entire Vega and Cubillas row dominates and enhances the Sierra itself as a natural balcony and separator Vega and Cubillas depression.

Albolote has a Children's Park ("Albolut") and pioneered a road project Andalusia as educational training. It is further characterized by being made a dozen replicas of iconic buildings of the town buildings, including City Hall, the Church and the Market. An enclosure that no longer can be viewed.


Recently, Albolote has become part of the "Route of the Nazari", tourist and cultural project of the Andalusian Legacy. This means greater potential for tourism in the municipality.

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