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La Rabita is located in Jaen Region , Andalucia

La Rábita is placed on the outskirt of Sierra de San Pedro, located northwest of Alcalá la Real. Due to its location, the town belongs to the municipality of Alcalá la Real, Alcaudete and Priego de Córdoba. Its origin dates back to the Muslim era when it was called Asbatit and today’s name came from “ribat” which is an Islamic religious, military construction.


Quick information of La Rabita Andalucía:


788 residents




Antequera 113km Málaga 153km Granada 70km Jaén 63 Km


161km to Malaga


Health clinic


Municipal pool


Beach 1h 40min


62km to Granada


Shops, Bars, Restaurants


Golf nearby


Bus and train service


209km to Sevilla


La Rabita Andalucía Location


Local Information



Ayuntamiento de La Rabita

Pedanía de Alcalá la Real

Crta. de Alcaudete 31, 23684 La Rábita, Alcalá la Real. (Jaén) Telephone: 902-505-061 / 953-599-617  Web:



La Rábita Information

La Rabita landscape Jaen Andalucia

Its origin, as its name “ribat” (Islamic religious-military construction), goes back to the Muslim era, during which it was called Asbatit or Asbit.

During the Middle Ages, it was one of the most important villages of the territory as it was located on the border with the Kingdom of Granada and they could control the road from Granada to Córdoba.

At the end of the 9th century, the conflict between Arabs and Muladies provoked the fragmentation of the territory. Ibn Mastana, governor of the strongholds located between Jaén and Córdoba and one of the main leaders of the Muladíes followers of Omar ibn Hafsún received the support of the Banu Asin, who remained in fact independent until they were dominated by the caliph of al-Ándalus Abd al-Rahman III.

Conquered Alcalá on August 15th, 1341 by Alfonso XI de Castilla, the territory gradually lost its strategic value, but this did not make the enclave disappear and in 1826 there are references to "Alcalá la Real with its villages of Frailes, Charilla, Santa Ana and La Rábita".

Virgen LA Rabita Andalucia Jaen


Feria Virgen del Carmen: In May takes place the festivity of the Virgen del Carmen and it lasts for several days, with sports and religious events and finishes whith the procession of the Virgen del Carmen.

Festividad de San José: This is a religious festivity celebrated in March.

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