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Colmenar is located in Malaga Region , Andalucia

Colmenar is a Spanish municipality in the province of Malaga , Andalusia . It is located in the eastern part of the province, in the Axarquia region , about 32 km from the city of Malaga and about 44 km from the city of Vélez-Málaga . Its name refers to the hives of bees that were the basis of the local economy for a long time.


Quick information of Colmenar in Andalucia:


3392 residents




granada 112km/ sevilla 191km /Malaga 31.9km


42km to Malaga


Health clinic


Municipal pool


Beach 40


97km to Granada


Shops, Bars, Restaurants


Golf nearby


Bus and train service


193km to Sevilla


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Colmenar is located in Spain
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Monuments and places of interest

Hermitage of the Candelaria : there are two historical hills that previously limited its location and the extension of the urban helmet. In the highest, is the Hermitage-Sanctuary also called "Convent" of the Blessed Virgin of the Candelaria, Patroness of the municipality. Its origins date back to the seventeenth century although it has subsequently undergone several reforms, today declared and cataloged Local Historic-Artistic Monument since July 4 , 1982. It has a single nave with a ceiling that leads to a square presbytery with hemispherical vault. The decoration of plasterwork in the vault responds to a popular interpretation of Mannerist designs. An image of the Candelaria, patron saint of Colmenar, presides over the dressing room. Recently, the image has recovered its traditional appearance thanks to the restoration made by the sculptor Rafael Ruiz. Looking out at the viewpoints that cost this Hermitage you can see the Tajos de Gomer and Doña Ana; Sierra de Tejeda and to the right as if it were one step away, Sierra Nevada ( Granada ). The Virgin of Candelaria is also the Patroness of the Canary Islands, according to tradition, the hermitage was raised in an elevated area as a sign of gratitude to some Canarian sailors who miraculously saved themselves from dying during a storm on the coast of Malaga.Church of the Assumption 

Main sights 

The view from La Santísima.
Virgin of Candelaria
La Virgen de Candelaria, en Tenerife, Patrona de las Islas Canarias, España.JPG


Church of the Assumtion of Colmenar

Miniatura de la versión del 12:33 10 abr 2010

  • Church of the Assumption : it began to be built in the 16th century and was finished in the middle of the 17th century , remains of Arab constructions are observed. It is crowned the top of the hill on which the town sits and around it the oldest area of ​​the town, from here through its straight streets, you reach the lower part such as the Plaza de los Carros and the Plaza de Spain, where the City Hall is located. The temple has three naves separated by semicircular arches folded on square pillars. There are three dressing rooms, highlighting the one located at the foot of the ship of the Epistle, for its very rich baroque decoration full of garlands, ovals and other elements of this style of the eighteenth centuryOutside, the bell tower of three bodies, the last one with openings in arch for the bells.
  • Puerta de la Cruz: at the main entrance to the town we are greeted by an artistic monolith that welcomes us under a belfry configured by means of a semicircular arch that crowns it. In this construction the heraldic shield of the town is located with the representation of a beehive and seven bees flying over it. We can also see a historical scene that takes us to 25 of maypole of 1488 , date in which was transferred the inheritance of this people Hamet the Zuque Francisco de Coalla under the slogan "Colmenar: Recio and Noble".
  • Manor houses of two and three floors with the occasional Andalusian patio of the mid- nineteenth century . The streets are wide in the lower area and as they climb towards the church they narrow and steep clearly identifying the historic center. There are also many niches that occupy a prominent place on the facades of the houses of the town.

Image result for colmenar honey museum

  • Peña flamenca, famous for the flamenco parties that are celebrated is that space.
  • Sports Center and Soccer Field "Miguel Hazaña",
  • Large number of playgrounds that are scattered throughout the town and Municipal Pool.
  • Bars and restaurants.
  • Iron Walk.
  • Meat and sausage factory "Rimicol", famous for the great quality of its products.
  • Dairy of the Agrupación de Ganaderos de los Montes de Málaga (AGAMMA), where cheeses of all types of goat's milk are made from the farmers of the province and its surroundings.


Old school.

Popular parties 

People rich in customs and traditions collected from times ago: " Matanza ", "Pisa de Grapes" and the one that mentions its name "The castration of hives".

  • Virgin of La Candelaria and San Blas: celebrates on February 2 , its main festival, in honor of its Patron Saint the " Virgin of La Candelaria " and its Patron " San Blas ", a big day in Colmenar where devotion and fun come together. Start with the celebration of a rociera mass. Already entered the day, a procession or pilgrimage takes place where the locals accompany her on the tour that lasts approximately 7 hours and where 100 men charge the Virgin and the Saint “ San Blas ”. As tradition marks, they make small passes in front of the houses of those people who are disabled and cannot leave, they also receive a bouquet of blessed flowers.
  • Pipa Day: celebrated on May 3 , this day the town goes out to the countryside to eat, among other food, the famous hornazo typical of this day consisting of a bread bun with a hard boiled egg in the center. Following this day, the Romería de Mayo arises, where carts and horses are prepared and decorated.
  • August Fair: numerous cultural and recreational events and activities (games, dances, foam party, children's parties, etc.). Once at night, in the main square, all the inhabitants gather to enjoy the different performances and orchestras that liven up the four days of the fair.
  • Feast of the must and the chacina : already with several editions, this exhibition fair of samples in which tastings of a rich and varied range of sausages and sausages of the land, by the meat industries of the town, along with the must , whether sweet or dry, becomes more and more popular every year, becoming a tradition. The restaurants of Colmenar join the party forming the traditional “Ruta del tapas” in which they offer visitors tastings of typical dishes. Its purpose is to publicize the products made in Colmenar. It is celebrated on the second Sunday of December .


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