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Casabermeja is located in Malaga Region , Andalucia

Casabermeja is a Spanish municipality of the province of Malaga, in Andalusia. It is located in the Montes de Málaga, dominating the historic Campo de Cámara, cereal field. The Guadalmedina River and the Cauche River run through it. In 2016 it had a population of 3,443 inhabitants.


Quick information of Casabermeja Andalucía:


3443 residents




Antequera 28Km Málaga 20Km Granada 104 Km


27km to Malaga


Health clinic


Municipal pool


Beach 27 min


52km to Granada


Shops, Bars, Restaurants


Golf nearby


Bus and train service


185km to Sevilla


Casabermeja Andalucía Location


Local Information

Coat of Arms Casabermeja Malaga Andalucia
Ayuntamiento de Casabermeja

Plaza Llanete de Abajo, 2, 29160, Casabermeja (Málaga) Telephone: 952-758-275 / 952-758-377   Web:

Balconies Casabermeja Malaga Andalucia


Casabermeja information

There is proof that this place was first inhabited by prehistoric man; we can see them in the megalithic graves unearthed at Chapera and Cortijo del Hospital. There are also some prehistoric paintings on Mogea hill and remains found in a number of small caves near Cortijo Cabrera.

There are also hints of the Arabic presence that we can clearly see on the Mozarabic settlements in the area.  The Arabs called it Q´sarBermeja or Red Castle, a term that would later be used to name the town itself. However, a popular legend has it that the name can be traced back to the reaction of Queen Isabel of Castile who, upon seeing the town for the first time, is said to have exclaimed “¡Qué casa bermeja!” (Look at that red house!) One of the mains remains of Arabic occupation is the Torre Zambra. The first written reference to the town dates back to the capture of Málaga, when a letter sent by the Catholic Monarchs ordered the building of a town.

 Torre Zambra Casabermeja Malaga Andalucia

One of the major landmarks of the town is its famous cemetery. Regarding the place it is set upon, cemetery niches needed to be adapted to the uneven land.  Even the famous writer Antonio Gala described this location as having a "bishop-like, Byzantine look to it". The oldest grave marked by a headstone to be found here dates back to 1829.

 Casabermeja town Malaga Andalucia

Casabermeja is built upon a mountain top and overlooking the banks of the River Guadalmedina and boasts a wealth of charms: narrow streets lined with whitewashed houses and monuments such as the aforementioned Torre de Zambra and others so steep that they climb higher than the upper level of the six-storey church tower, that belongs to the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Socorro. This tower has also a reddish colour which can be yet another possible explanation of the origin of the town’s name. As the town is so close to the city of Málaga, there is a large proportion of its inhabitants which work in the provincial capital. However, the local economy is still based on agriculture, primarily the cultivation of olive groves, almond trees and industrial crops.

Casabermeja Landscape Malaga Andalucia


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- San Sebastian Day: These are the fiestas of our St. Patron (celebrated approximately on January 20).

- Holy Week: With processions on Holy Thursday afternoon, Good Friday evening, at night and Easter Sunday (at the end of March or beginning of April).

- San Marcos Day: It is a very special date in the town because most of our citizens are heading to celebrate a meal in the country (approximately on April 25).

- Corpus Christi: In which the main streets are spectacularly adorned with flower beds. There is also a 4-day fair, in which the final point is the procession through its streets (May or June).

- Cante Flamenco: It is one of the oldest contests in Andalusia and has the best "singers" of the national scene (at the end of July).

- Feria: It is held for 4 days at the entrance of the town and is visited extensively by both the surrounding towns and visitors of Malaga (first weekend of August).

- Pilgrimage of the Virgen del Socorro: It is the pilgrimage of the Saint patron of the town that goes from the Church to the Hermitage (approx. 15 August).

- Málaga Goat Festival. It takes place around the 15th of September. There are lots of Restaurants and tapas bars participating and also a craft market and some performances to liven up the festivities.


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