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Tuesday, 02 July 2019



It’s quite a big move – to leave behind all you are familiar with and to go on an adventure – to put your trust in someone else’s hands to help you make your dream come true.  Not to mention the fact that you are going to be parting with cash, hard earned – and in to a property purchasing system that you may well not be familiar with….

Where to start when there are a myriad of estate agents on offer?

Personal recommendation was my starting point. Hence, I found myself going inside the offices of Inland Andalucía in Mollina.  Some cool water and a very warm, friendly, helpful Lady (Pam) got “the relationship” off to a great start.  Following an initial chat, a viewing day with Paul Barnett was arranged. 

I would defy anyone not to immediately feel comfortable in Paul’s company, since he takes great pains to make you feel at ease.  This is not just about looking at bricks and mortar, or bedrooms and that all-important outside space.  This is about building the, “Know, Like and Trust” factor, building rapport, sharing information so that he/she can truly help and support you in this exciting process.

Of course, visiting the properties is simply the tip of the iceberg.  On that day, we covered a lot of miles and 5 different properties.  Paul’s professionalism, energy and enthusiasm never waned as he morphed in to a “tour guide” and “life style” coach. And I use those terms with utmost respect.  Any good agent will help you to gain sufficient knowledge on an area, environment, costs, repairs, re-modelling to create your ideal home, or not – when you might be trying too hard to like something that just isn’t right for you.  (Thanks for that one, Paul!)

I cannot stress just how much a good estate agent brings to this particular party.  Their ultimate goal is not just to sell you a property but also to see you settled and as Paul said to me, after 3 days of viewings and a further fact-finding session across the desk – “Our job really begins once you are in the property.  We don’t just abandon you with the keys!” 

My takeaway from the whole Inland Andalucía experience?  

A sense of excitement and calm.  A sense of security in the very sure knowledge that I truly feel that I am in Safe Hands with the whole team at Inland Andalucía

Posted by: Graham on Tuesday, 02 July 2019


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